Round 1: The fighter in the blue corner edges round one with some good teeps (pushing front kicks) and by kicking the red corner over. Red corner does score with some teeps of his own but overall blues does enough to take the lead. 

Round 2: The fighter in the blue corner increases his lead by winning round two clearly, scoring with some good teeps, kicking his opponent to the canvas and moving his opponent with a strong kick to the upper arm.

Round 3: The fighter in the blue corner wins round three very clearly moving further ahead in the fight. This is a big round for the fighter in the blue corner, scoring with some good body kicks, moving his opponent with some well timed kicks to the upper arms of his opponent, some good teeps, a low kick, as well as showing good control by blocking his opponent's counter kicks.

Round 4: The fighter in the red corner wins this round but does not catch up the lead built up by the fighter in the blue corner. While initially the fighter in the blue corner continues to increase his lead by scoring with some kicks and by demonstrating good strength by staying on his feet when his kick was caught. Red corner comes back with stronger with punches and knees towards the end of the round.

Round 5: The fighter in the blue corner wins the round and maintains his lead using some good thrusting the knees and controlling the clinch. At the end of the round the blue corner, knowing he has won, moves back to the ropes and just protects ‘his points’ maintaining his lead, winning the fight and the Lumpinee and All Thailand title.